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Mother with Son in Street

Hemp for Self-Care and Mothers

May is a month that just asks for a bunch of holidays! Spring is here for real, summer is around the bend, and life is good. And you better believe that people have filled this amazing month with some pretty great holidays. For example, May 2 is National Truffle Day. May 5 is Cinco de […]

Immunity Small

Supporting Healthy Immunity with Hemp

You can’t see them, but they’re out there. Everywhere! Crawling around on every surface, drifting through the air, and living all over your body. You guessed it! We’re talking about microorganisms. Did you know that all the viruses on earth stretched out end to end would create a nearly endless chain over 100 million light […]

Hemp Can Help You Sleep

How Hemp Can Help You Sleep

Nothing feels better than winding down with a good book every night, snuggling down deep into the silky covers, gently nodding off into a peaceful dreamland, and remaining blissfully asleep until the first rays of morning sun. Just imagine the warm glow softly upon your tranquil face, waking you gradually so that you feel refreshed […]

Staying Young and Active with Hemp

Staying Young and Active with Hemp

Your mobility is everything. When pain or fatigue keeps you off your feet, the whole world seems to stop. But you don’t have to just take the pain and exhaustion that is keeping you from doing what you love. You have a host of weapons in your armory. Things Slowing You Down? Some days, you […]

Balancing Your Life with Hemp

Balancing Your Life with Hemp

We live in a world of hectic schedules and constant busyness. It can be hard to find the proper balance. As always, ProHEMP is here to help. Read on to find out how our tinctures can support healthy balance and stress levels and to keep stress from wreaking havoc on your body.* Stress Awareness Month […]

Hemp Tinctures for Pet Health

Hemp Tinctures for Pet Health

It usually begins with an unrelenting, brilliant campaign. With strategic political prowess, your child plans and carries out a masterful psychological attack, pulling at you from every angle and exploiting each of your weaknesses. First it is the begging. Then come the promises. Next are the pictures of adorable puppies or fluffy kittens left all […]

Relieving Pain with Menthol and Hemp

Relieving Pain with Menthol and Hemp

One of our most basic instincts is to avoid pain. It makes sense. Pain is designed to warn us of harmful situations. Relatively mild pain can save you from deeper, life-threatening pain. Pain also serves the purpose of letting you know that something is wrong. There might be a serious issue, or it could simply […]

Hemp And All Things Green

Hemp And All Things Green

Seeing Green! It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, which means that, at least for the day, rivers are turning green, shamrocks are everywhere to be found, and pesky leprechauns are playing pranks on unsuspecting children. It’s a crazy day, but sometimes, you just have to green and bear it. Which reminds me. What do leprechauns call happy […]

Hemp Leaf Sunset

Finding Hemp Across America

Hemp, or Cannabis sativa cultivars, is a mighty little shrub that deserves far more acclaim than it gets.  This one plant could save the planet if it wasn’t underappreciated and underutilized. Hemp is a highly sustainable crop. It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, it cleanses the soil of toxins, it […]

Coconut Oil MCT

What’s a Multi Chain Triglyceride?

Immersed in the world of essential oils, oil blends, and hemp tinctures, we really know our fats. Or, if you want to use the fancier term—triglycerides. Because we want you to be an informed consumer, it is important to us that you know all there is to know about our products. Today, we get to […]

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